Monday, January 7, 2008

Back on the air

Following some technical difficulties, we have lost access to the house blog. It is still published on the web so you can access the archives here, but we can no longer access it to update it! Instead we have moved over to blogger to continue. With a thoughful gift from Santa in the form of a new digital camera, we should be able to keep you up to date on the latest going ons at La Maison Des Guilleux.

This week has been about the second floor bathroom. Last month my dad came to help/teach us to tile the bathroom floor but due to some technical issues (ie. the fiberglass tub surround was not sized right) he ended up tiling the bathtub surround.

So this week we took our newly acquired knowledge and took on installing the bathroom floor with radiant heating (since there isn't any heat in this room). Here are some pictures of the adventure.

While Joy rolled on with the floor. Jonny came over and we rewired the guest room by moving the outlets and replacing shady wiring.

Then came the scary part of having to pull the toilet, tiling and grouting around the base of it and replacing the bowl. After two wax rings, and a flange extender, no leaks have been detected.

Joy continued the grouting and Jonny and I close off part of the wall so we could bring in the vanity.

We are pleased to report that the heat is working and the floor is nice and toasty. Next step finishing the vanity top and installing the faucet and drain. We are so close to finally having a sink in the bathroom and we are very excited by that prospect!