Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Time

Hi guys,
Just little update on some of the recent work. Joy has been hard at work between her sabbatical reading and resting. Friday we started shingling the front porch roof only to run out of shingles (left over from last year) and to find out that Home Depot doesn't carry them anymore!!! (sorry no pictures) So we will special order them. Tuesday, our neighbor is renting a lift so we hope the painting of our peaks will get done as well as a few other up in the air gutter issues. If we are really inspired we will reshingle the back corner of the roof that was done in a different color before we bought the house. The following week we will have my dad come to help put the heat ducts into the bedrooms and I will try to get my final paper done for class!
'cois and Joy
moving towards a finished bathroom (left) and the new pantry (right).

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Carrie said...

I love seeing the pictures!