Sunday, August 31, 2008

Down in the dugeon

This summer has not been as productive as last summer (see old house blog) but we have tackled a few major projects. One of those projects was pouring the floor in the basement.
This is what the floor looked like when we bought the house two major trenches ran the length and width of the house. The floor had been opened up to lay the new waste lines down.

So under the tutelage of our neighbor Jonny, with the help of Terry and Josh, we leveled the trenches to 5 inches, poured 2 inches of gravel... over 180 sq ft...
and waited for the concrete truck to come...
We had to roll back the chicken wire fence and build a ramp to pour the concrete through the basement window.

After three hours of hard work...
A day later...
What joy to be able to walk across our basement without fear of twisting an ankle or falling into a ditch. While the truck was here, we were able to pour a new section of our sidewalk as well (I am sure our neighbors appreciate it) as well as fill a few holes in the garage floor.
What fun to think about using the basement as storage and not worry about dirt, mud, and mushrooms growing on everything! We quickly arranged the washer and dryer (Thanks Bear!) where they have longed to be for the last year: next to each other on flat surfaces!

While we were outside, contemplating our good work, Jonny suggested that the house looked much better without the chicken wire fence. Inspired by a project that had actually gone according to plans, we decided to take out the fence along the house and fix a few bent sections in the back yard. Thanks Josh for sticking around to help.

All in all a good day work and another reminder that this house would not be what it is without the love and service of our friends and family. Thank you all.

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